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Impact is Xiamen’s only foreign owned corporate training company. Impact leads the way in providing the highest quality training to companies of all sizes and industries, not just in Fujian but provincial China too. Our goal is to ensure that your training expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

Impact prides itself not only on supplying the most effective customized training programs to meet the needs of businesses and organisations, but also at being at the forefront of training innovation and development, in order to deliver to you the best possible training solutions available.

“Being totally dissatisfied with the incumbent, large ELT company we were using, we turned to Impact as their targeted approach looked refreshingly different and made much more sense.  Read more…

Gareth Hughes, General Manager, Hella Automotive Xiamen.

“Very satisfied. A great approach and great service. Impact really took the time to get to know us, our business and our product. Most importantly, they delivered with results.”

Mark Nazarri, General Manager, BCI Bus Company Xiamen

“Before Impact our U.S.  Head Office was having great difficulty communicating with our Chinese subsidiary as a whole. Now our Chinese subsidiary has improved immensely in communicability.” Read More…

Jim Kalief, AVP Strategic Operations China, Ring Central

We provide services for companies of all sizes and industries including commerce, engineering, manufacturing, hospitality, retail and medical fields. Our training includes programs such as communications, language, leadership and team building.

All initial consultations before training commences are free of charge and obligation free. So please contact us today to arrange a consultation, as we look forward to helping you transform your business’ most valuable resource.

Who We Are

Impact is a wholly owned foreign enterprise which started as a necessity to fill a void of nonexistent quality training in industry related English and communications training, conducted in the English language, available within Xiamen and the surrounding areas. Although being a Xiamen based company, because of demand for our invaluable courses, we also supply specialized training to other cities in China. We are a specialized training company that focuses only on accomplishing your goals and surpassing your expectations.

As our name suggests, Impact’s goal is to deliver training that exceeds expectations and creates a real positive change. We strive to enhance the value of your employees, thereby enhancing the value of your company and allowing you to gain maximum return on your investment.

Although Impact is a relatively new company, our trainers have between seven and fifteen years’ experience and are the best in the business. Since our foundation we have already secured some of the biggest and best companies in Xiamen, ranging from aviation, to information technology, the automotive industry and even one of China’s largest mobile phone app companies.

Our results are obvious and our success has been shown by our 100% resign rate. In addition to every company maintaining a 100% resign rate, they have also all increased the size of each contract by over 50% the second time round, proving their satisfaction as well as our ability to deliver unmatched, preeminent training solutions.

If you need to improve your employee’s ability to communicate, cooperate, lead and become a more effective and valuable part of your team, look no further. Your answer is Impact.

What We Do


Impact does not just strive for results, but is determined to make a direct and powerful impact through our unique and effective training programs to produce immediate, measurable success. We are here to ensure you accomplish your training objectives.


English Language Impact’s specialty is designing English language courses to suit not only your industry, but your company and its products and services. We do it better than anyone in the business and yield results faster and more efficiently.
Communications    Improve your employee’s communication skills, their ability to lead or facilitate in meetings, present information or just contribute more assertively and confidently with our communications training.
Leadership Leadership, coaching and mentoring are an essential skill for any company wishing to enhance and improve the value of its human resources. Let us help you create valuable leaders today, to be your most valuable assets in the future.
Leadership for Change Change is unavoidable. But how to prepare for change, implement change and ensure you can maintain that change, is a skill few possess and are truly ready for. Ensure your change is lead successfully with this highly valuable course.
Team Building Communication and cooperation are the keys to any highly functioning team. This course will guarantee synergy and dynamism within your team.
Audits / Assessments To enter North American or European markets, you need to ensure you reach their industry standards and pass their required audits. Whether it be BSCI, SA8000, or you have another specific audit in mind, our courses help you to be prepared and ready to meet your customer’s demands to help your business reach its full potential.

Coming Soon

Australian Adventure Team Building Team building with a difference. Nothing brings a team together better than an adventure. The shared stories and experiences will solidify your team members through to their retirement. And nothing says adventure more than skydiving, shark diving, surfing, deep sea fishing, sailing, hang gliding, paragliding…. The list goes on and so will the longevity of your team.

Our Courses

Language Courses

  • Business
  • English
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Audits / Assessments
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Communication Courses

  • Presentations
  • Meetings & Facilitation
  • Positive Communication
  • Cross-Cultural Communication


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Leadership Courses

  • Leadership
  • Leadership for Change
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Team Building Courses


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Language Courses

Impact is the leader in providing customized English language courses to suit your industry, company and its products or services. Impact uses its own innovative teaching methods and techniques to provide results unmatched in the industry. Our unique teaching methods allow us to teach to not just the group , but also to focus on each individual’s development needs, creating fast effective results.

Communication Courses

Cross cultural communication does not just depend upon language skills. The ability to explain, express, present, provide feedback, facilitate and communicate positively, clearly and effectively are also essential aspects of the communication process which can differ across cultures. The value of possessing theses skills is priceless. Whether your objective is to train theses skills from scratch or to fine tune the skills your employees already possess, we have the solution for you.

Leadership Courses

Team Building Courses

How We Do It

Understand you, your products and services, and your industry.

Before training commences, we take great care in meeting with you and listening to you, to understand exactly what it is you require from your training and what objectives you want to achieve. We will walk your shop floor and production lines, understand your product, your product specifications, your machinery, your processes, your customers and suppliers. Whatever we need to do, so that we can integrate your company into your training materials and courses.

Not just trainers, innovators.

Through years of experience, observation and analysis, Impact has developed its own innovative training techniques which sets us apart from other training providers. Our own training techniques not only focus on the group, but also on the individual, as we understand that different people’s individual experiences and background, mean that that will also have their own individual strengths, weaknesses and needs.

Constant analysis, monitoring, feedback and evaluation.

Not only does Impact constantly analyze, monitor, evaluate and look for ways to improve our own training courses, we also take the same approach to our training participants. We look for every opportunity to provide analysis, monitoring, feedback and evaluation to each participant regularly throughout our courses, to allow participants to gain greater and faster improvement.


Our dedicated trainers are all native English speakers, who are fully qualified, with extensive training and business experience at both at home and in China. We are passionate about our profession. This is what we do and this is what we love.

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